Crane Service & Repairs


Crane Aid have been servicing and maintaining cranes in the Melbourne metropolitan, GippslandVictorian and NSW regional areas for almost three decades. Our experienced mechanical and electrical technicians are familiar with all makes and models of cranes and  hoists.

When cranes stop, production stops. Our fast response mobile units are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you get production back up to speed quickly in the event of breakdowns or faults.

Crane Aid is an Independent Crane Provider
In Melbourne metro area, we have a quick response time
Branches in Gippsland and the Albury/Wodonga region
Direct and prompt access to a vast array of quality spare parts
Fully equipped workshop with state of the art equipment.

Crane Inspections and preventative care

Australian crane codes require that all cranes are regularly inspected and maintained. Our inspectors can save you production downtime when developing conditions are identified and dealt with in a managed and timely manner.

Crane Major inspections

Australian crane codes also stipulate that all cranes, should be subject to a ‘major inspection‘ at the end of their ‘design service life’ to assess a cranes suitability for continued safe use. Talk to us about having our engineers carry out this important task.

We recommend the installation of crane data logging equipment – this can save you heart-ache and money in the long run. have a look here.

Crane Modernizations and Updates

Do you have lifting equipment from a bygone era? Government regulations require that all equipment be updated to conform to the latest standards and that items are properly tested and certified where applicable.

We also manufacture and ship crane parts.

Maintenance agreements

Talk to us about taking care of your on-going crane service, safety and maintenance requirements. No business, or crane, is too small or too big.
You will get:
A fully staffed and managed inspection and maintenance program that relieves you of the need for additional management, staffing, and associated costs.

The cost and production benefits of preventative maintenance.
Service history reports on crane by crane, site by site basis.
Piece of mind that your obligations under Australian crane codes are being carried out.

> Crane Terminology PDF

Service contacts:

Chris Beswick
tel: 03 9706 5711
After hours mob: 0403 389 934

Steve Maggio
tel: 02 6025 0283
After hours mob: 0403 389 920

About CraneAid

Cranes are vital to your business, so what do you do when you are in the middle of an important job and all of a sudden your crane breaks down? You call CraneAid. CraneAid specialises in crane repairs and servicing and with their reliable team and fast response, you will be back on track in no time. Did you know that Australian crane codes declare that all cranes must be serviced to guarantee their ongoing safe use? CraneAid have the qualified staff to inspect and service all types of cranes. Contact them today, no job is too big or small.